VRoubis company has been cooperating since 2019 with the company Torres Import, supplying the handmade drinks bfresh spitiko & feeju to the Spanish market. The VRoubis team had the pleasure of hosting one of the managers of Torres Import, and take a tour of the company’s green production facilities.

The visitor had the opportunity to taste the new flavors that the VRoubis team is feverishly preparing and to discuss the expansion of the partnership with additional handcrafted refreshments from VRoubis. 

Torres Import is a national distributor of high quality food and beverage products. It was founded in 1978 and belongs to the Miguel Torres SA group. Its portfolio consists of its own products such as oil, vinegar and other imported products. 

The company Torres Import strengthens the penetration of VRoubis products in the Spanish HORECA network. The unique, freshly squeezed taste of bfresh & feeju handcrafted drinks is now available in many parts of the Spanish territory. The unique flavors of VRoubis products align with the preferences of Spanish consumers. The growing demand for handmade and natural products throughout Spain facilitates the company’s entry into the HORECA sector. This activity could not be carried out without the valuable support of a leading company like Torres Import. 

Through the collaboration with VRoubis company, Torres Import has enriched its product range with innovative products free of preservatives and sugar, responding to the global trend of a healthy lifestyle.

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