Roubis was recognized for the second consecutive year at the Mediterranean Taste Awards competition. The company received two international awards: a gold award for the green tea with lemon juice & verbena and a silver award for the new organic lemonade with cucumber!

A team of expert tasters, food technologists, and chefs from various countries such as France, Greece, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain, among others, meticulously evaluated 648 products from 18 countries. They focused on assessing the taste, aroma, texture, and appearance of the products to identify the most exceptional food and drinks.

Feeju Green Tea with Lemon Juice and Verbena is a delightful blend with a unique taste and rich aroma. It combines fine green tea leaves and fragrant verbena with natural lemon juice and organic agave nectar. This iced tea provides coolness, detoxification, and a sense of well-being.

The organic lemonade with cucumber and agave stands out as the lemon magically combines with the unique freshness of the cucumber, offering instant hydration and rejuvenation.

Our team is rewarded and our choices and commitment to using pure, quality materials are confirmed by important distinctions like these. V. Roubis company values the handmade process in many production stages, aiming to bring out the aromas and taste of our bfresh spitiko & feeju products, impressing with their coolness, freshness, and authenticity.

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