In the current issue of Snack & Coffee, Vassilios Roubis, the business man that established bfresh spitiko, talks about the dynamic course that the company is indicating within food and drink sector. Not only founder but also inspirer of bfresh spitiko, Mr. Roubis mentions the innovative idea of the handmade beverage served in a jar, as a person that is passionate about sports and balanced diet.

According to him, people’s interest about the product was beyond expectations. Already from the moment of bfresh’s spitiko expansion with the branded jars all over the market, has led the team to experiment with new taste combinations in order to cover the growing demand.

Despite the dire financial environment, bfresh spitiko is a company that indicates growth, participates in international trade shows and is awarded from World Food Innovation Awards among the best artisan products. At the same time, CSR activities are rooted in the DNA of the team and every year the company is supporting NGO’s like blood-e and “EMEIS”.

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