V Roubis received 3 in total awards by Healthy Diet Awards. The ceremony of Healthy Diet Awards, organised by Boussias company, took place in 22nd February 2022. It’s all about the institution that highlights the innovation in products and services which promote the healthy and balanced diet. 
More than 150 companies’ executives, representatives of institutions and academia, subject matter experts and media gathered at the ceremony to celebrate the innovation and the quality of the awarded companies which supply food, drinks or services that support a balanced diet model and lately demonstrate innovative practices. 
In total, 28 companies have been awarded throughout the business spectrum in all awards categories. Specifically V Roubis company received:

  1. Two awards for feeju; Platinum and Gold in the “Organic product” section
  2. One award for bfresh spitiko; Bronze in the “Free from or Low beverage product” section

Receiving the three awards is essentially a huge reward of the unstoppable effort of V Roubis company to offer certified organic soft drinks that promote wellness and sustainability.

According to Vassilios Roubis, founder and CEO of V Roubis: 

“Healthy Diet Awards distinctions is for us a reward of the effort we do every day to offer a dose of wellness to consumers. Lately we launched the new product range of handmade soft drinks, the feeju and we are very pleased to receive the Platinum award in Organic products section. The product range is based in the values and culture of the company: love for handmade, fresh and real ingredients, focus on wellness principles. It’s also important to mention the fact that V Roubis is a certified company for the organic production and distribution of organic soft drinks.”

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