The VRoubis team returned from India with positive impressions from the encouraging feedback and enthusiasm of Indian consumers for bfresh spitiko handcrafted soft drinks. The company was present among the exhibitors at the India Food Forum, the largest institution in the Indian food industry and refreshed the participants with the special tastes of bfresh spitiko.

According to the vision of VRoubis and the founder Vasilios Roubis, the goal is for bfresh spitiko to reach even more foreign countries and be loved by consumers in the same way as it is in Greece.

A few words about India Food Forum

It is India’s largest food industry meeting forum, highlighting the latest developments in research and innovation in the food industry in India. The 15th Edition of India Food Forum is the breeding ground for spreading ideas and innovation in food retail, food service, retail and food technology solutions, and hospitality support through the organization of a major conference and exhibition space.

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